Buddha didn’t use toilet paper….

by admin on May 29, 2009

Or shop at Costco….

It’s amazing how quickly 36 rolls of toilet paper can just “disappear“…why it seems like yesterday I had a lifetime supply in the basement. This was the last roll of toilet paper in the house – GONE!

Buddha was a hermit. He never had to drive the parkway to get to a colossal warehouse of gluttony so that he could buy and hoard enough goods (in one shopping trip) to feed all of the aesthetics in the world. He didn’t have to deal with mob of people crowded into that warehouse buying up goods like the world was about to end.

A trip to Costco is easily a spiritual training ground for patience and acceptance. I dare any of you to practice indifference while you are pinned in line between two antsy patrons with six screaming kids between them while the kid behind you constantly pushes his cart into the back of your heel….just to see if what your threshold for tolerance is…testing you with each shove.

I wonder if Mother Theresa ever stopped by a Costco to lay her hands on the afflicted.

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